Fine art wedding photographer for the classic romantic, based in "almost heaven" West Virginia.

I’m Hannah, a wedding photographer for classic & hopelessly romantic couples. Based in small town West Virginia, I'm passionate about connecting with people and telling their stories through my photographs! I began this journey nearly 6 years ago, having had the pleasure of shooting in many beautiful places up and down the East Coast as well as internationally. I'll travel anywhere to photograph your special day!
When I don’t have a camera in hand, you might be able to catch me on my porch enjoying my morning coffee, outdoors somewhere soaking up the sunshine, sharing a meal with a sweet friend, exploring a new place, at T.J. Maxx/Target, or spending time with my people.



Flowers make me happy. And if there are wildflowers around, you can bet I'm picking one! I believe gorgeous blooms are essential to a wedding day...


Family & friends are number one. I am blessed with the most loving & supportive parents and 3 awesome siblings to share life with!




I just feel better when the sun is shining! I love when it rises and sets... My favorite half of the year is May-October!


Traveling is a must for me. Every few months, I'm itching to get away. It's when I feel most refreshed & inspired! Mountains or coasts - I'll go anywhere.



I grew up vacationing on Carolina beaches. I've been to plenty other beaches along the East Coast and none have compared to those beautiful Carolina beaches!



Music makes my world go round! I couldn't go a day without it. My perfect playlist has a mix of classic, alternative, & folk rock along with some 90s country...



As much as I enjoy traveling, I love being at home. Working from the comfort of my home most days of the week makes me so happy. There's no place like it!



Nicholas Sparks enthusiast, right here! I love that I have the opportunity to document love stories for a living. I cry at every. single. wedding.


good things

the sun shining through half-drawn curtains, porch conversations, hugs that end with a little squeeze, hand-written notes, always having something to look forward to, good company, listening to people talk about their passions, polaroids, songs that takes you to another time or place, wildflowers, possibility/opportunity, old things being made new, the ocean air, sunsets & sunrises, finding inspiration everywhere, humbling experiences, kindness, God's grace