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I was so excited when Lexi contacted me to schedule a Fresh 48 session!

For those of you wondering what exactly a “Fresh 48” session is, it’s when the photographer goes to the hospital (or home) within the first 48 hours of birth to photograph some of the first moments of a baby’s life. So how is this different than newborn photography? It’s much more of a lifestyle type of approach with little to no posing or staging. That’s what I love about it.

I don’t market myself as a newborn photographer, because I am not. Weddings and couples are my strength and I’ll be honest about the fact that I’m hardly any good at putting newborn babies into all of those adorable little poses… I did experiment with newborn portraits in my earlier days of pursuing photography and just never really clicked with it. (So much respect for my friends who are AMAZING with newborns!) BUT, I have found in the last few years that I love the lifestyle approach. So along with weddings and couples, I do offer a limited number of family, maternity, and Fresh 48 sessions throughout the year!

I can imagine there is nothing quite like the first moments as new parents and believe that is something worth preserving. It was an honor to capture those precious moments for Lexi & Tyler and hope they will cherish these photos of their son as they watch him grow year after year…

Fresh 48 Session

Love, Hannah

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