Christmastime Engagement Session | Jen & Kaison

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Jen and Kaison’s snowy christmastime engagement session was such a wonderful surprise!!! I’ve known Jen my whole life living in the same small town and going to the same church. This past year, I had the opportunity to get to know her much better through our creative business journeys! So thankful for that!

I hadn’t met Kaison before they got engaged, but met him shortly after when I visited their home to talk about wedding details! Also, I’d like to mention that their house is straight out of a magazine!!! During my visit, I could see how great they were together! Not only are they engaged, but they are business partners and owners of Home Brewed & Co., a hand-lettered home goods and modern calligraphy shop! It’s seriously amazing and you should check it out if you haven’t yet! I have shopped with them multiple times and am a huge fan of their products!

Real talk: I almost cried when Jen asked me to be their wedding photographer! I was so honored… Jen being a part of the creative industry, knows so many other great photographers in our area that she could have chosen and it just means so much to have the opportunity to do this!

I can’t wait to photograph a Home Brewed & Co. wedding!! If you’ve seen her work, then you can only imagine how beautiful the wedding will be! Jen & Kaison’s wedding will be my first Snowshoe Resort wedding of the year!

Jen & Kaison had engagement photos taken during their family beach vacation this past summer, so they decided to do a mini engagement session with me around Christmastime. We totally lucked out and the snow started falling at just the perfect time! It was like a winter wonderland!!!


Love, Hannah

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