March 11, 2021

Our Home Renovation

It’s been a little over 2 years since home updates began and I’m finally getting around to sharing some before and after photos! We’ve actually been finished with the main floor for quite some time now, but I was holding out for the new windows to be installed before sharing the full home renovation!

Andrew and his dad did SO MUCH WORK on this house… Lucky for me, I’m marrying someone (44 days to go!!!) who can build and fix anything. He made all of the trim in the house as well as the furniture in our master bedroom and the end tables in our living room. He completely gutted and rebuilt the steps in our entryway, and the list just goes on and on. Needless to say, he is impressive!

Home design is a love/hobby of mine. I’m not saying I’m great at it, but I really enjoy doing it! It’s almost therapeutic. As a person who is heavily influenced by their environment, it’s important to me for our home be a place that feels inspiring, happy, and peaceful. When I’m not out and about shooting a wedding or portraits, I work from home. I spend A LOT of time here and for that reason I want it to always be an enjoyable space that reflects who we are. I say we, but Andrew doesn’t care much about decor… He just wants to be comfortable. 🙂

Like I said before, amateur over here, but I would consider my style “transitional.” I like a mix of old and new, weathered and smooth, light and dark, & modern and traditional. (think Pottery Barn) Obviously, I’m a fan of neutrals… I get a lot of inspiration from amazing designers like Shea McGee and Amber Lewis as well as lots of social media influencers. For example, the picture frame moulding in the dining room was inspired by a blogger that I just adore, Shelby of Pretty in the Pines. Our house was built in the 80s, so I wanted to try and add a touch of “old charm” – if you will.

The next project is finishing our gutted basement where we will add another full bathroom and living area as well as a finished laundry space. We’re also planning to do a handful of things outside… We’ve learned that home renovation takes time and lots of patience. Let’s just say that Andrew is much more patient than I am, but I’m working on it!

We are very proud of our little home on the hill and plan to be here for a while. We also have exceptional neighbors and are less than 10 minutes from both of our parents! Can’t beat it.


Paint Colors:
Dining, Hallway, Kitchen, & Living – Stone Eagle by Sherwin Williams (cool gray)
Entryway, Bathroom, Office, & Bedrooms – Fundamental White by Sherwin Williams (pretty neutral white)
*None of the walls have a green/blue or pink tint to them in reality, but may look like it in some of these photos!

I’m happy to share info on anything – just ask via!


  1. Cindy says:

    What color white did you go with the trim around windows, etc vs the white on the walls? What finish was used? I am very impressed! Also what type of paint did you use on the cabinets? Thanks!

    • Hannah says:

      Hi Cindy!! Thank you! The bedrooms, bathroom, office, and all trim are Sherwin Williams Fundamental White. The living, dining, and kitchen are Sherwin Williams Stone Eagle! We used the SW cabinet paint found at Lowe’s in the pure white.

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