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I’m bringing these images back to the blog this morning, because I will never stop loving them!! About 10 months ago, I had the opportunity to have my work published in a magazine for the first time ever! I know I squealed for 5 minutes when I received the email from the editor of Angelic… These kinds of things don’t happen often, so I was in disbelief for a little while! When it finally sank in, I knew it was time to plan a shoot.

I didn’t want to submit any of the work I’d already done. I wanted to submit something special I had had in my mind! I’ve always loved Old Town Alexandria in Northern, VA… So my best friend (the model) and I borrowed a beautiful dress from a local gown shop, bought some flowers, and made our way to Virginia! My sister lives in Alexandria, so it was the perfect opportunity to spend time with her, too. Aside from it being so freezing cold that Paige’s hands started to turn purple and red (such a good friend!!!), the shoot was a success and I was able to get some photos that I was proud enough of to submit for the magazine.

Thanks again to Oliverio’s Bridal and Prom Boutique for lending us the gown! And thanks to Paige for taking off with me for two days and for standing in the freezing cold in a wedding dress to help a girl out. Have I mentioned how much I love you?!

These are some of my favorites! Enjoy!

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Love, Hannah

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