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Jenisue & Joe’s Oak Island Beach engagement session is hands down one of my favorites TO DATE! Not just because we had the most perfect setting and amazing light, but these two lookers just happen to be my big brother and future sis-in-law!

My big brother and I have always been close!! Just the thought of him makes me smile… As every good big brother should be, he is so much fun, super caring, and incredibly supportive! He has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders, especially when it comes to my photography. If you know anything about me, you know how important my family is to me! And my siblings are my best friends in this entire world!

When Jenisue came into the picture (no pun intended), she seemed to fit right into our Hicks family dynamic quite perfectly. And it was so obvious how happy she made my big brother! There really was no getting to know her… After only a couple times meeting her, it felt like she had always been part of the family. I knew she was a winner when I discovered our¬†mutual love for food!!

They’ll be getting married this May in Kentucky and this time I’ll be camera free! I’ll be too busy being a bridesmaid to my new sister and soaking up every single moment of celebration with family and close friends! I also have big plans to dance the night away!!

It goes by WAY too fast… Enjoy!

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Love, Hannah

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