Our Engagement

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Andrew and I have been engaged for over 13 months now and I’m finally getting around to sharing our engagement photos on the blog… Shame on me, but better late than never – right?!

We’ve been together since we were 15 & 16 years old – true high school sweethearts! I’m 27 now, so it’s been 11 years in the making… Like any couple, we’ve had our ups and downs… but thank goodness we made it through! With our wedding just 4 months away, I’m feeling all sorts of emotions about our relationship and how we’ve grown together over the last 11 years… And bless him for sticking around!

How He Asked

About once a week, we eat at our favorite restaurant in downtown Wheeling (Market Vines, we love you.) On December 15th 2018, we decided to go grab some dinner – kind of last minute… It was delish, as always, and Andrew did not seem one bit weird or nervous! (He’s always so cool, calm, and collected.) Afterward, we were walking back to the truck and he pulled a ring out of his coat pocket! I remember saying, “Wait, it’s happening? It’s happening right now?!” But it was super sweet & simple (our style) and just the two of us, which I appreciated. He definitely caught me by surprise! In hindsight, it made sense why my mom kept asking me if I wanted to “fix myself up a little more” before he picked me up that evening… Ha, nope… Messy bun it was!

I’ve often thought about our wedding day over the last several years and it’s hard to believe that it’s happening so soon! I kept thinking a year and a half would feel like forever to wait, but it flew by… I get to marry my best friend on May 23rd and I can’t wait! But I do hope the next 4 months take their time, so I can soak it all up…

Here’s a small handful of my favorites from our engagement session!

All photos taken by my good friend, Ali Bonomo, and edited by me! We can’t wait to have Ali capture our wedding day, too!

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