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Savannah, Georgia

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A few weeks ago, my best friend and I hopped on an airplane and headed south to the land of warmth & sunshine, beautiful historic houses & buildings, horse & carriages, oak trees covered in Spanish moss, southern charm, amazing food, and so much more! I could go on and on about Savannah, Georgia… I’ve been a few other times in my life, but this trip was really something special! 

If you know me well, you know I’m 100% without a doubt a sunshine and warm weather girl! I don’t like the cold at all and I’m really not even a big fan of snow… There, I said it! It’s pretty on one day and one day only and that’s Christmas! I am much more partial to West Virginia in the fall when the leaves are changing or in the summer when everything is so green and luscious and the plants/flowers are alive… In many cases, I’m much like a flower when it comes to winter!

There’s always a certain point during the winter months (usually the beginning of February) here in West Virginia when I begin to develop a serious case of the “winter blues.” It’s not good for me to go days without seeing the sunshine. I’ll get into a real funk and once I’m in it, it’s really hard to snap out of! Warmth and sunshine make my soul feel alive… My soul came back to life last month in Savannah! And why did we go? Because we WANTED to! Because WHY NOT?!

The weather was perfect… It was sunny and 75 all three days of our trip! I wore dresses & sandals and couldn’t help but smile with the sun hitting my shoulders! My fellow sunshine lovers know that feeling… I don’t have to describe it. Best part = NO bulky winter coat in sight! I felt the built up tension in my neck and shoulders melt away a little each day… By the third day, I felt so relaxed and so much more calm than when we arrived. We spent two days exploring downtown Savannah and our third day on the beach on Tybee Island! I really feel like I belong in a small southern beach town… I hope that’s what heaven is like!! Not only did I feed my soul, but I fed my face! I ate WELL. So many delicious meals were had! My seafood-loving heart WAS in heaven!

Not only did the trip to Savannah help me snap out of the “winter blues”, but it sparked my creativity. It’s impossible to be in such a beautiful place surrounded by beautiful things and not be inspired! Many of the photos below were shot with film, my favorite! For the first time in a long time, I took photos for myself instead of other people and it felt so good! It made me realize how much I miss photographing the everyday things I find beautiful, (besides all of my beautiful clients, of course!) and so an idea for a project was born!!! I’ll be sharing more details about that, soon! <3


It was so refreshing to see flowers! I can’t get enough floral shots!!

No trip to Savannah could possibly be complete without a visit to Wormsloe Historic Site!!! That view NEVER gets old… We came across the most beautiful shop ever, The Paris Market! Inside was a cafe, and two floors full of everything French-inspired!

ACTUAL sketches from Paris!!! I wanted to bring a few home, but figured there was no way I would be able to make it back home without destroying them!

The Olde Pink House has so much history behind it… We loved hearing all about it from our waitress as she took great care of us! My favorite restaurant in Savannah! I had the best fish tacos of my life, there. Gorgeous boutiques around every single corner!

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Said Forrest Gump, right here in this very spot in Chippewa Square in downtown Savannah… One of my favorite movies of all time. <3

Our third and final day was well spent on Tybee island complete with sand and salt air, exploring, and the best nachos I’ve ever had from a place called Huck A Poo’s.
The Tybee Island lighthouse!

Two of my favorite things in this world are ripples in the sand and seashells… We had the most beautiful little, loft-style Airbnb in downtown Savannah… Just a 2 minute walk from Forsyth Park! This was just one of my favorite spaces…

Savannah, you are SO worth it!!!

Love, Hannah

  1. Mandi Thommen says:

    That film grain is perfect!!! Beautiful shots!

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